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TechMetro Africa www.techmetroafrica.com is a South Africa-based technology news service that publishes Enterprise IT and Telecom content targeted at an audience comprising IT Decision makers, Business Leaders, Influencers, Tech enthusiasts and other key job titles in the ICT sector.

The publication enables technology vendors and solution providers operating in Africa to connect with prospective customers through various advertising and public relations opportunities available on the platform. The website is a valuable, reliable and up to date ICT news source that showcases the development and transformation of Africa through technology.

TechMetro Africa provides its customers comprising of large and small, local and multi-national technology firms with public relations and brand awareness opportunities that help them generate new leads, market products and showcase solutions to thousands of active, qualified professionals driving Africa’s digital future and thereby helping them grow their businesses. The publication also showcases exclusive and mindful topics to help businesses continue to thrive.

Africa has great potential and is transforming technologically at an exponential rate. Its digital transformation future is forecast to encompass large Technological Metropolitan areas with networks that inter connect bridging the digital divide . The continent is moving in the right direction with its embrace of the fourth industrial revolution and adaptation of new technologies reshaping African businesses. Technology has become vital for organisations to keep up with industry trends, increase efficiencies and productivity, cost cutting as well as staying ahead of competition.


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