Safaricom announces return of 100% bonus data campaign

Safaricom announces return of 100% bonus data campaign

Kenya’s leading mobile network operator Safaricom, has announced the return of ‘Nyakua 100% Data Bonus’, a campaign which was unveiled earlier this year for customers to enjoy 100% bonus data upon attaining their daily data targets.

The campaign, which builds on the success of the first Nyakua Data Bonus campaign introduced in February this year, will enable prepaid and postpaid customers to enjoy more internet for less.

Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa said, “The need for data continues to increase as the world moves towards digital innovations. As a purpose-led technology company, we acknowledge this need and the tough economic times we live in. This is why we continue to provide affordable data, to enable our customers enjoy the transformative power of the internet.”

During the 90-day campaign, which will run from 16 June to 13 September 2022, customers will get 100% bonus data every time they use a Safaricom bundle and achieve their daily assigned target. The bonus data will be valid until midnight and can be used to browse, stream, and do more with the internet.

Customers can opt in and check their daily targets and usage on MySafaricom App, on web or by dialling *544# and selecting ‘0’ – Nyakua Bonus.

The revamped Nyakua 100% Data Bonus campaign is part of Safaricom’s data campaign dubbed Mwelekeo Ni Internet, which is aimed at giving customers more value through data offers such as Tunukiwa­ – *444#, enabling and accelerating availability and affordability of 4G smartphones through Lipa Mdogo Mdogo and showcasing the transformative power of the internet.