Africa Data Centres builds 30MW data centre in Ghana

Africa Data Centres builds 30MW data centre in Ghana

Africa Data Centres, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies Group, has expanded its footprint in West Africa as the company announced it is building a 30MW data centre facility in Accra, Ghana.

According to a statement, the new facility will lay the groundwork for the company’s hyper-scale partners to expand digital services and solutions to more countries in West Africa and will make Africa Data Centres the largest provider in West Africa, with facilities in Nigeria, Togo and now Ghana.

Africa Data Centres Chief Executive Officer, Tesh Durvasula said, the Accra operation is a significant milestone for the company and highlights the massive growth opportunity for its business in the region and the continent.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented demand for digital services, apps, broadband, cloud technologies, and more, all of which are seeing data demand soar to unimagined levels,” said Durvasula.

“This new facility will be a giant leap forward in our ambitious long-term plans to close the digital divide in Africa by bringing digital services to more businesses and people. We chose Accra as our next location since there is an existing high demand from hyper-scalers, cloud operators and multi-national enterprises to digitally transform West Africa,” adds Durvasula.

In addition to bringing digital services, the data centre will create numerous job opportunities through the digitisation of the economy and hiring local contractors and workers for the builds, from entry to high-tech level.

According to Durvasula, “Many exciting innovations have their home in Africa, and numerous startups are raising billions to debut disruptive models across a wide range of sectors. Moreover, with Ghana being the second-largest economy in West Africa, it also is an attractive investment destination for international tech giants that want to expand their footprint in the region”.

Seamless connectivity is key to helping Ghanaian businesses and citizens reap the rewards of the digital disruptions happening across West Africa. However, the lack of necessary infrastructure has resulted in slower growth than the rest of the world.

Africa Data Centres, said opening a data centre aligns with its expansion plans and is timeous as the government in Ghana has been introducing innovative and forward-thinking digital projects over the last few years.

Although there has been significant growth in the past fear years, many Ghanaian citizens remain without digital services.

As the largest network of interconnected, carrier- and cloud-neutral data centre facilities on the continent, Durvasula said Africa Data Centres is continuously working to provide the infrastructure to reduce this digital divide.

“The Africa Data Centres team aims to build many interconnected, cloud- and carrier-neutral data centres across the length and breadth of the continent in an unrivalled $500m investment in Africa’s digital transformation,” concludes Durvasula.