MTN joins the Global Network Initiative to advance digital human rights

MTN joins the Global Network Initiative to advance digital human rights

Africa’s largest wireless carrier, MTN Group has announced that its now part of the Global Network Initiative (GNI), as the company moves to strengthen and innovate its digital human rights efforts.

The GNI is a multi-stakeholder organisation whose mission is to protect and advance freedom of expression, privacy, and other key digital human rights, explained a statement.

The organisation does this by setting a global standard for responsible decision-making for companies across the information and telecommunications sector.

MTN Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer Nompilo Morafo said, “Our commitment to digital human rights is an integral part of our business strategy and sustainability framework and is embedded in the highest levels of our governance structures.”

“We believe that digital and financial inclusion cannot be achieved without deliberate efforts to respect the rights of all. MTN’s GNI membership allows us to explore new ways of safeguarding the rights of our customers and other stakeholders using the power of collective learning and collaboration with multiple stakeholders,” added Morafo.

GNI members commit to implementing the GNI principles, which are based on internationally recognised laws and standards for human rights.

The GNI principles, provide a framework for responsible company decision-making in support of freedom of expression and privacy rights.

“GNI and its 90 members will greatly benefit from MTN’s perspective, and we are particularly pleased to be continuing to expand into new geographies. We look forward to working with MTN to help protect the human rights of its customers and stakeholders,” said Global Network Initiative Executive Director Jason Pielemeier.

The GNI regularly facilitates opportunities for members to contribute to shared learning and provides a forum for collective advocacy with governments and other key stakeholders in support of laws and policies that promote and protect freedom of expression and privacy.

MTN said its digital human rights framework adopts a pragmatic approach to systematically entrench digital human rights across the company and that implementing the GNI principles on freedom of expression and privacy will further strengthen our approach.