BCX extends partnership with software academy WeThinkCode

BCX extends partnership with software academy WeThinkCode
IMAGE: Mandisa Ntloko-Petersen, Chief Marketing Officer at BCX

South Africa’s BCX, has announced that its sponsorship of the software development academy WeThinkCode, that began in 2017 will be extended for a further three years.

The partnership has enabled the academy to scale operations to Cape Town in 2018 and has seen 353 South African youth graduates from the academy to join the digital workforce. 

Over the years, BCX has been driving digital innovation and sees the partnership as an ideal opportunity to make a substantial contribution to growing much needed digital skills and creating jobs for the youth of South Africa. 

The company’s goal is to inspire social change through impactful innovation. Its social development programmes are already showing results that will, over time, be catalysts for change in South Africa. 
According to Mandisa Ntloko-Petersen, Chief Marketing Officer and Social Impact Champion at BCX, “We are excited about the extended partnership with WeThinkCode, as we believe that it not only aligns with our objective of increasing the digital skills amongst our youth but has consistently demonstrated a quality of training that has produced high quality graduates who are sought after. At least 98% of WeThinkCode graduates are employed in 55 leading businesses in South Africa. We look forward to training additional youth in what is a scarce skill area.” 
Currently, WeThinkCode recruits 450 talented South Africans annually, training them to become highly skilled software developers through their 16-month programme, with internships being an essential part of the course.

The aim is to find top talent, no matter where they are from, or what they have done previously. Students don’t have to be proficient in Math and Science. Training is very current and future focused, using cutting edge technologies that solve today’s problems – and the great thing is that it is offered free to the students. 

“The extended partnership with BCX solidifies our longstanding relationship,” said Nyari Samushonga, CEO at WeThinkCode. The extension of this partnership for another 3 years is in line with the strategic objectives of the two organisations.”

She adds: “For BCX this means driving digital transformation in South Africa. For WeThinkCode it means we will be able to secure tuition for 300 future students from low-income backgrounds, providing them pathways into meaningful and sustainable employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.”  

Since the start of the partnership, BCX has sponsored a total of 353 students across the 2017 – 2020 cohorts. The company has employed a total of 41 students from cohorts 2017 – 2019, with 57 students from the 2020 cohort expected to graduate in March.