Paratus Namibia to launch carrier neutral data centre

Paratus Namibia to launch carrier neutral data centre

Telecoms firm Paratus Namibia, has announced it will launch its carrier neutral data centre facility in Windhoek, Namibia in August 2022. 

A company statement says this new facility, named Armada data centre, will be the first carrier neutral and the largest data centre facility in Namibia.

Paratus says it is investing N$123 million (USD $8.1 million) to construct the Armada data centre facility, which is built on the Brakwater Campus and houses two separate colocation data halls (DC1 and DC2), each of which are supported by two separate energy centre pairs.

The data centre will complement the Equiano Cable, which lands in Namibia in the next few months and for which Paratus has already built the landing station.  

Armada will help meet the ever-increasing customer demand for data and cloud services and, as existing facilities in Namibia are at capacity, fill the market void.

This demand falls squarely in line with global and continental requirements for complex colocation services. 

“The Paratus Armada DC will store and protect client data 24/7; house and physically protect all equipment and computer systems; handle the migration from off-site to the data centre; provide back-up power generation; and offer an array of add-on services and features,” explained Schalk Erasmus, Chief Operations Officer at Paratus. reports that the African data centre market was worth US$2billion in 2020. The market report states the data centre market saw investments of $2.663-million in 2021 and is forecast to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 12.73% between 2022 and 2027.

Paratus, which has already built two DC facilities in Angola and one in Zambia in recent years, has already confirmed 55% occupancy of one of the two Armada Data Halls in Namibia. 

“We are committed to delivering Africa’s quality network.  Our connectivity and network services are complimented by our hosting, firewall and storage capability. We can work with our partners and our customers to help ensure that Africa realises its full commercial potential. Armada is another testament to that vision,” said Andrew Hall, Managing Director at Paratus Namibia

Although Paratus operates its own resilient fibre network that interconnects the Armada Data Centre facility to the rest of the world, it is carrier neutral, providing clients and tenants with host connectivity options and freedom of choice.