MTN Cameroon accelerates digitalization with MTN Fusion

MTN Cameroon accelerates digitalization with MTN Fusion

Telecoms operator, MTN Cameroon, has announced deployment of MTN Fusion, a partnership development programme between the telco, and companies initiated in 2019 with the aim of accelerating the digitalisation of the economy.

For the year 2022, the objectives of the programme are to consolidate the partnerships implemented since the initial launch of MTN Fusion.

MTN says there will also be discussions on the acceleration of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized local enterprises using innovative solutions such as MTN OneView as well as showcasing  the potential of the fruits of partnership such as the centralised monitoring solution for intercity passenger and freight transportation in Cameroon.

“Digitalization offers opportunities that MTN Cameroon is turning into progress and notably all bringing value to the business world thanks to platforms such as MTN Fusion. Since 2019, for example, we have explored over a hundred partnership projects; over twenty companies are now partners; over a dozen products have been launched in the marketplace with over a hundred customers from all sectors of the economy. This also means lives saved on our road networks thanks to a Public and Private partnership,” explained Franck Gérard Kom, General Manager MTN Business.

“With MTN Fusion, we will continue to accelerate the digitalisation of the economy while promoting business development to build a sustainable and beneficial ecosystem for all,” he promised.

Presenting the evolution of MTN Fusion will be on the agenda menu of a two-day exchange, at the Promote 2022 business fair currently taking place in Yaounde.

The telecommunications leader will also use this opportunity to enable its partners to share their various experience of collaborating with MTN.