BCX extends its network into Teraco Data Environments

BCX extends its network into Teraco Data Environments

Digital end-to-end ICT solutions provider BCX, has announced the extension of its network capability into Teraco’s Johannesburg and Cape Town datacentres.

According to a statement, this extension will enable BCX to provide its clients with an end-to-end managed network service across a multi-domain software-defined networking (SDN) ecosystem, that extends from the access domain into the cloud.

In doing so, BCX will deliver an integrated security management service and a comprehensive cyber security service alongside industry best practice. 

“In partnering with Teraco, our clients will benefit from enhanced performance and resilience required to fulfil their digital transformation business imperatives,” says Mervyn Goliath, Managing Executive for BCX Data Networks at BCX. “The next generation of managed network services has arrived,” says Goliath.

BCX has been talking about end-to-end software defined networking (SDN), intent based networking (IBN), and network security as key enabling underlay capabilities for digital transformation.

“What we will be doing together is to provide the critical software defined supporting domains at the foundation layers of the technology stack to enable the rest of the ICT stack,” Adds Goliath.  This highly scalable, end-to-end, modern SDN is capable of supporting business intent while ensuring robust security across the entire attack surface.

Enterprises can now consume a comprehensive managed network service across a multi-domain SDN ecosystem that includes software defined access across branch and campus, software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) and SD data centres via the cloud on-ramps located in Teraco. 

These include Microsoft Express Route and AWS Direct Connect. This aligns with the growing trend of companies moving workloads to the cloud, offering enterprises the capacity and scale they require for cloud capable workloads and residual workloads not yet ready for migration.

“This partnership with Teraco’s Johannesburg and Cape Town datacentres underpins BCX’s offering of a technology framework for end-to-end managed services in South Africa,” says Di Buijs, Strategic Partnerships lead at Teraco.”

Playing into the growing demand for seamless and intelligent cloud solutions, BCX is well-positioned to accelerate cloud adoption and digital migration in the Enterprise, as such being part of the transformation across every aspect of business in every sector.

“The focus and priority of enterprises are on improving and modernising their business delivery and application services with the view to deliver modern, high-value experiences to their customers,” says Goliath.

This includes faster and more cost-effective service delivery, and real-time communications with convenience embedded into every customer interaction. The Teraco and BCX alignment plays a key role in ensuring that this foundational technology framework is managed seamlessly and allows for BCX clients to deploy their critical infrastructure seamlessly at Teraco.

BCX Data Networks has completed its own billion-rand investment in a new SDN expansion.  By extending its network into Teraco, BCX takes advantage of the interconnectedness of these prime datacentre estates, all coming together and connected through a terabit capable BCX Optical High-Speed Network, with optical fibre ring on-ramps to Teraco Cape Town and Teraco Isando.