Mukuru enables eCommerce purchases for South African customers

Mukuru enables eCommerce purchases for South African customers

Mukuru, one of Africa’s largest remittance companies has announced that its Mukuru Card has been activated for online purchases in South Africa, allowing holders to take part in the eCommerce revolution even if they do not hold traditional bank accounts.

Andy Jury, Mukuru’s CEO said one of the promises of fintech is financial inclusion, and so making the Mukuru Card available for online purchases made sense.

“The pandemic has seen a big shift towards online payments at a range of retailers and service providers. As part of our belief in enabling Africans to take control of their finances digitally, providing access to over wide range of retailers and service providers as diverse as, Mr Price, Dischem, Uber and Afrihost, among many others, opens more doors,” said Jury.

In May 2021, a World Wide Worx report found that online retail in South Africa grew 66% in 2020, valuing the sector then at more than $2 billion (R30 billion).

Mukuru customers now have access to this shifting retail environment simply by adding their Mukuru Card as one would add a debit card for online payments. “People must be empowered to take control of their own destiny,” added Jury.

“This is not idealistic, but rather a sound philosophy, and certainly from Mukuru’s perspective, it influences business decisions in how we build a customer base that has access to a broader suite of financial services making use of our tools as links in a broader value chain. Enabling our customers to take part in online purchases is another way we aim to achieve this goal,” he explained.

Jury adds that fintech is vital to financial inclusion, but that the end goal should look beyond the technology itself.

“The long-term goal should lie in providing an ecosystem that empowers users on a progressive journey to financial inclusion. It is incremental, and each step needs to be accompanied by consumer education and upskilling, as the interventions become more financially sophisticated.”

The global pandemic has shifted shopping behaviour and is largely credited with the large increase in online retail in South Africa. With the fourth wave in South Africa likely to gain steam throughout December and January on the back of the much-publicised Omicron variant, this shift to digital shopping is likely to accelerate even further.