Cellulant, Gainde 2000 partner to advance digitization of payments for African Governments

Cellulant, Gainde 2000 partner to advance digitization of payments for African Governments

Cellulant has entered into a 5-year partnership with Senegal based Gainde 2000 to offer an end to end Pan-African technology infrastructure and payments solutions for trade, revenue & tax collection for governments and multinational companies.

As part of the partnership, Gainde will bundle its e-government solutions with Cellulant’s payments solutions offering the most comprehensive regional end to end technology and payments solution.

The collaboration will offer a digital payments platform that will help African governments improve their trade environment and meet the challenges of payments & modern customs administration through reduction of time and cost in trade transactions.

Global and regional businesses have access to a Single Window system operated on a technological infrastructure offering a set of services, including a single payment integration into all essential payment methods in 35 countries in Africa.

Gainde 2000 is one of the first trade facilitations systems providers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company covers a large scope of functionalities and allows traders and shipping companies to lodge their declarations online to customs.

Its core business has evolved into designing, implementing and operating digital platforms for Governments and businesses. It is also a critical player in the dematerialization of administrative formalities in Africa, with consulting services delivered in more than 20 countries.

Commenting, Daniel Sarr, Regional Executive Director at Gainde 2000 said, “this partnership with Cellulant not only marks a milestone on our journey to facilitate trade formalities; it also signifies a dramatic shift for the future of financial trade-related transactions, security operations and human-driven applications.”

“This partnership will bring together Gainde 2000 expertise in trade facilitation and digital transformation with the power and scale of Cellulant in digital payments platforms, data science and risk monitoring,” he added.

Cellulant will provide a single digital payments platform- Tingg- which will address the complex payments needs for both governments and businesses. Tingg makes it easy to collect and make payments across multiple payment methods in different currencies, connecting thousands of businesses with 154 payment options across 35 countries.

The platform powers payments for 220 million consumers on a single inclusive network allowing for interoperability across Africa.

“The relationship with Gainde 2000 grew in a very organic way before the partnership crystallised. As pioneers in our respective sectors, we have complementary core businesses. We have been at work since April 2020 and share great ambitions for the continent as digitalisation has become an imperative for every business and sector. Through this partnership, we can offer governments and businesses alike a full range of dematerialized solutions on the backbone of digital payments to complete the experience,” said Baba Gueye, the Regional Head of Cellulant.