ESET Southern Africa 2021 Partner Awards Winners Announced

ESET Southern Africa 2021 Partner Awards Winners Announced
IMAGE: ESET Southern Africa

ESET Southern Africa honoured its top-performing partners at the 2021 Partner Awards, the company’s second-ever virtual awards that recognise leadership, commitment, innovation, and meaningful contributions to its mission of nurturing digital safety in South Africa.

The cybersecurity firm has been creating a secure digital world for its users since 1987.

ESET Southern Africa has always focused on providing the best possible products through our amazing partner network, leveraging our easy-to-use transactional systems and authentic South Africa support,” explained CEO, Carey van Vlaanderen. “That is why annually we love to treat our partners to an awards event – to share our experiences, to connect and to show our gratitude.”

The ESET Partner Awards introduce new partners in the new partner programme and recognise the achievements of existing partners through the awards.

“The FY21 partner awards is an opportunity for us to recognise our amazing resellers,” explained Sales and Marketing Director of ESET Southern Africa, Stephen Flynn. “This year we host our second virtual awards and, looking back on a challenging and dramatic year for all of us, it’s just incredible to witness the resilience and character of our resellers throughout this journey,” he added.

“With working from home and requirement for mobility being the primary means of managing through lockdown, our resellers have embraced the dynamic and changing market conditions with aplomb.” Van Vlaanderen agreed, saying “We are so proud of our partners fighting to keep their clients safe online while all adjusted to the difficult changes and challenges in the last 18 months.”

The awards were divided into sales, revenue, and service categories, highlighting partners that excelled in those areas. “This year, we have introduced 2 new award categories, these being technical certification and cloud bundle sales awards,” said Flynn.

On the future of ESET Southern Africa, van Vlaanderen said, “We’ll continue to leverage technology to support the trends we see in our business and partners, moving towards supporting cloud-based clients and businesses as they balance the new hybrid working environment.”

A company statement said the coming focus is also allowing users and partners to consume how they want whether it be in the cloud on monthly basis, or on premise in using a more traditional annual licencing approach, as well as ensuring availability of our transactional systems for all users in our partner network, allowing them to use ESET products in as many consumption methods as possible.  

Flynn added that the changed market demand has led to significant sell through of on premise and cloud bundle products, where mobility, enhanced product features and endpoint ease of management are key components in the purchasing decision. “The result, an outstanding year of growth and record sales,” he said.

After a successful year of sales and prioritising customer needs throughout difficult times, and with a promising year on the horizon, ESET Southern Africa took the opportunity of the Annual Partner Awards to celebrate success in the face of adversity, and tenacity in the face of turbulence.

Award winners

The 2021 ESET Partner Awards were divided into two categories – regional and national.

First Technology KwaZulu-Natal were tops in both categories, walking away with 5 accolades in the regional and 6 in the national awards categories.  

Other best performers were BVI Network Security Services who won 6 regional awards, followed by AVeS Cyber Security, Paradigm Information Technologies, Universal Networks, PursuIT Solutions, Gravit8 IT and Complete Office Solutions who all claimed 4 regional awards each.

Read the full list of the 2021 ESET Partner Awards Winners HERE.

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