South Africa’s port operations disrupted by cyber attack

South Africa's port operations disrupted by cyber attack

South African state-owned freight company Transnet has been hit by a cyber attack that has disrupted container operations at its port in Cape Town.

The port city of Durban, which is the busiest shipping terminal in sub-Saharan Africa, was also affected – reports Reuters.

Transnet, which operates major South African ports, including Durban and Cape Town, and a huge railway network that transports minerals and other commodities for export, confirmed its IT applications were experiencing disruptions and it was identifying the cause.

It added that operations “on the trucking side” had been affected, due to trouble with its NAVIS system. But operations were normal in freight rail and pipelines, as well as in its engineering and property divisions,”

“The Ports Authority continues to operate, and vessels moving in and out of the ports are being recorded manually,” said Transnet.

When checked, the freight company’s official website was down displaying an error message stating “This site can’t be reached.”

An email statement by the Cape Town Harbour Carriers Association to its members said: “Please note that the port operating systems have been cyber-attacked and there will be no movement of cargo until the system is restored.”

The cyber attack has occurred at a time when Transnet was in the process of recovering from the major disruptions to its ports and national freight rail line last week following days of unrest and violence in parts of the country.

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