MultiChoice launches AI chatbot to bolster its service

MultiChoice launches AI chatbot to bolster its service

Digital entertainment company MultiChoice, has introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot named T.U.M.I to enhance its digital customer service.

According to a statement, the new MultiChoice chatbot was developed entirely in-house. T.U.M.I interacts in real-time with customers in an online, text-based conversation.

It boasts advanced natural language capabilities, which means that T.U.M.I can recognise user questions and provide responses with information related to DStv products and services.

“T.U.M.I is an evolutionary leap in our service capability, said MultiChoice South Africa CEO, Nyiko Shiburi. “Born and developed right here in Africa, T.U.M.I chatbot is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to innovation. This is not innovation for its own sake; the focus is to continue to grow our capacity to give our customers an excellent service experience.”

Multichoice said already customers can ask T.U.M.I to clear decoder errors, check balances, reconnect products, make payments, manage holiday home viewing, and change packages.

The chatbot is constantly learning and evolving, which means more functionalities will be added over time. Through feedback, customers can also help T.U.M.I to learn, said the company.

If T.U.M.I is unable to help customers resolve their queries, they will instantly be transferred to a knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative for further assistance.

Since it launched on 5 May 2021, the chatbot is available across MultiChoice’s digital ecosystem on the DStv website and app, Showmax (website and app), and Facebook Messenger.

T.U.M.I will also act as a concierge to onboard new customers to MultiChoice online-only service, DStv Streaming.