Increased cyber attacks require cyber resilience

Increased cyber attacks require cyber resilience

A study conducted by Veritas has revealed that during the COVID-19 pandemic, IT security has seen a decrease in funding. The study was done in September 2020 with 1000 respondents from across the globe.

The Veritas Resiliency Report showed that 54 percent of organisations have seen an increased demand for edge data protection which has placed a strain on IT security resources.

In an interview with TechMetro Africa, Lee-Anne Williams, Veritas product manager at Axiz said, “What we are seeing in the market is that people are more open to having the discussion with regards to a secure and attainable backup and disaster recovery strategy plan.”

According to the report, 57 percent of companies haven’t tested their disaster recovery plan within the past two months.

Speaking about how customers react after a cyber attacks, Williams said, “We have seen a mixed reaction. You find that some people don’t want to have the conversation but they are forced to have it. When customers usually make a phone call its purely reactive from their side.

Migrating to the Cloud

As some companies migrate to the cloud, Veritas has found that still the majority of organisations are not fully ready to embrace it. However, with that said, the study found that the use of cloud services such as software as a service and platform as a service has become quite prominent.

Williams reiterated this by saying that there are lots of customers that are not well informed about the cloud.

She said, “when we help a customer, we make sure that we do it at their pace. We plot a map as to the key factors that customers need to look at in the next three to six months. It is always about what the customers want at their time schedule, their need and priority of importance.”

Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform

Companies are finding it difficult to govern all their data holistically and to manage and protect all their data. This is where the services of Veritas program comes in. The enhanced Enterprise Data Services Platform allows organisations to impact and reduce the risk of system downtime.

“With the Veritas program you will find that we cater to anything from a small practice to a large corporate. Our solutions are scalable and at the same time, as the distributor in South Africa, we are able to give the customer advice pertaining to the product. We can basically help them and be their trusted advisor,” explained Williams.

“It’s a matter of informing the customer as well as getting their feedback as to what their thoughts are. We do not have any one-size fits all solution. It is based on what their needs are at that point in time,” she continued.

Lack of Confidence in IT Security

The Veritas study found that 64 percent of organisations are not confident in their security measures. In addition to this, 64 percent of respondents acknowledge that their security measures are not fully capable to keep up with IT complexity.

“We provide help for customers in a way that they can understand and manage. We try and assist the customer from start to finish with regards to everything they need in the whole data protection and disaster journey,” stated the product manager.

“When we initiate the conversation, we find that people are more open, however, the trust factor plays a major role,” she added.

Implementing a Protection Strategy

With regards to data protection, there have been cases of ransomware and cyber attacks on the increase. More and more companies are prone to losing their data. If a company doesn’t have a strategy in place, they risk falling victim to ransomware attacks.

“As a company, the most important asset is your data and the second thing is your staff. However, if all your company data is gone, you’ve got nothing. It is a daunting first step to admit that you need a strategy in place, said Williams.

“Once a cyber attack happens and the customer calls us, we cannot roll back, we can only assist in trying to turn back the clock,” concluded Williams.