Orange Bissau takes network expansion to rural areas

Orange Bissau takes network expansion to rural areas

Orange Bissau, has begun its network expansion in Guinea-Bissau with the launch the first rural antenna in Bijimita, marking the beginning of the extension of the telco’s 2G/3G rural coverage to more than 1,000 villages in the West African country.

With the deployment of an additional 150 new antennas expected, the move follows the complete modernization of the existing 3G + / 4G network of Orange Bissau, which will bolster the country’s telecoms network.

In a statement, Orange says this large investment of 13.4 billion FCFA demonstrates the strong commitment of the company to contribute to the socio-economic development of Guinea Bissau, particularly in the telecommunications sector, digitization, and financial inclusion.

With the deployment of this vast network modernization and extension program, Orange says it guarantees the availability of a latest generation 3G + and 4G network.

The company, which is present in 18 countries in Africa and the Middle East says, it remains committed to continuing its efforts to give Bissau-Guineans national coverage and a modernized network, while contributing to the country’s digital transformation.