5 Top to-do list apps to help keep you productive

5 Top to-do list apps to help keep you productive
Image: PC Mag

In this digital age, having a to-do list app is one of the best ways to ensure that tasks are carried out in an organised manner. To-do list apps also help you schedule future tasks and set reminders for work that needs to be done among other functions that boost productivity.

Below is list of some of the best to-do list apps that can help keep you organized round the clock.

1. Any.do

The Any.do app is best for calendar integration. Over 30 million people use the app to keep their work and personal lives organized. It is a highly recommended combination of a task-based to-do list, calendar, planner, and reminders, all in one app. 

Any.do syncs seamlessly between your mobile, desktop, web, and tablet, and you can assign tasks to others via email.

2. Asana   

The Asana app is best for team collaboration. It is a highly-rated, popular work manager that organizes work so teams are clear on what to do and offers in-app messaging for better communications, which makes it a strong choice if you want to collaborate on to-do lists with others.

Asana is a pro project management tool that offers paid-for premium, business, and enterprise plans, but the free forever version is comprehensive for individuals and small teams. There is a desktop version with seamless syncing between it and the apps. 

3. Bear

The Bear app is best for creating simple, daily to-do lists. The app is not technically a to-do list offering but an advanced text editor. But as part of its note-creating abilities, you can make tick-box lists. It is ideal for anyone who wants to create a daily to-do checklist and does not need the option to schedule to-dos into the future. The free version of Bear allows you to create notes, add tags and attachments, and export to a variety of formats.

4. Remember the Milk 

Remember the Milk is best for robust reminder options. It is a vintage iPhone app used by millions of users around the world who rely on the app as a to-do list tool.

The app allows you to create recurring to-dos, which is useful if you want a weekly reminder to carry out a task you need to do regularly. Remember the Milk has a desktop version which automatically syncs with the apps. The premium version of the app lets you connect to Dropbox or Google Drive to attach related files to any tasks. 

5. Todoist 

Todoist is best for project management. Over 25 million people use the app to organize, plan, and collaborate on small or big projects. The app allows for the creation of basic to-do lists with separate tasks that you can schedule.

You can also add a priority level to tasks and to create recurring tasks. The free version of the app does let you create up to 80 projects and collaborate with up to five people per project.