Vodacom awarded new 5 year State supplier contract

Vodacom awarded new 5 year State supplier contract
William Mzimba, Vodacom Business Chief Executive Officer

Vodacom Business, has been awarded a new, 5 year, mobile communication services contract extension by South Africa’s National Treasury.

The new RT15-2021 transversal contract comes five years after the government established and awarded the first contract to Vodacom Business in 2016.

Over the period to date, government technology expenditure had been significantly reduced, using Vodacom’s innovative digital solutions.

Commenting, Vodacom Business’ Chief Officer, William Mzimba, said, “Truly, we are excited to continue our partnership with government for another five years and we will deliver to accelerate its digitalisation programme through the new RT15-2021 transversal contract. Through the previous contract, we successfully delivered significant financial benefits in costs savings, expedited and streamlined procurement of services and ushered unprecedented digitalisation of government departments, agencies, State Owned Entities and municipalities.”

The RT15 served as a platform for Vodacom Business to support government and amplify their productivity while increasing efficiency. To achieve the expected results, Vodacom Business provided IT and business solutions and increased the number of mobile lines available to them.

Mzimba, added that the partnership with government resulted in the improved delivery of education using digital technologies during COVID-19 lockdowns, enhanced citizen engagement and revenue assurance in municipalities through smart metering technologies and IoT (internet of things) solutions for smart asset management and fleet management.

Vodacom, used its digital services and platforms such as the Citizen Engagement Platform to help improve and manage service delivery in the public sector.

The platform is designed to automate, enrich and streamline interactions between citizens, government contact centres, field workers and senior officials. 

During the period, the company launched among other initiatives, the MySAPS app, to enable better communication between citizens and the South African Police Service (SAPS). They also created the Mpilo App to strengthen the patient-care experience within Healthcare facilities.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile app was further enhanced when the department introduced a new feature to help increase public education and awareness on COVID-19, but more importantly provide a self-screening feature option for patients.

“Throughout the duration of the RT15 contract, we have demonstrated the value and effectiveness of smart technologies within several different government departments, SOEs and government agencies. We partnered successfully to address multiple challenges government had previously encountered. These digital solutions contributed to inclusive growth, enhanced education and good governance within South Africa, by not only improving efficiency, but also doing it in the most cost-effective way,” concluded Mzimba.