OPPO Reno5 super-fast charging smartphone launched in South Africa

OPPO Reno5 super-fast charging smartphone launched in South Africa
Image: OPPO Reno5 Smartphones

OPPO has unveiled its Reno5 super-fast charging smartphone with 5G capabilities in South Africa, its first major release in the country.

The Reno5 device offers an alternative option for the growing number of smartphone users in South Africa at affordable rates.

Retailing at R14999 ($1000), the Reno5 features a built-in output charging pin and takes only 36 minutes to fully charge thanks to its 65@ Super-Vooc flash charge technology, which has made OPPO devices the fastest charging smartphones on the market.

Liam Fourie, Head of Got-to-Market and Operations at OPPO South Africa said, “The Reno5 is our most ambitious smartphone model yet. Offering ultra-fast, ultra-powerful connectivity and high-end technology that works. It incorporates world-class updates into a usable device that upgrades the consumer’s daily digital efficiencies, while using humanable technology that improves everyday connection to each other, especially during these uncertain times. We understand that our smartphone is one of the most powerful tools we own today.”

Reno5’s 5G capabilities, fused with smart and superfast charging enables faster mobile downloads.

The device is Android-enabled and fitted with the Qualcomm processing chip such that when combined with superior memory, it becomes completely customisable to the user, and gives the ultimate smartphone performance.

Using OPPO’s Image Clear Engine AI, the Reno5 takes picture-perfect images no matter the light, noise or distance. The dual-camera videography features enable the simultaneous use of both the front and rear cameras.

The device comes standard with a super-vooc enabled charging cable and wireless earphones, optimizing value for the local consumer and is fit for work, learning or having fun.

The Reno5 is available in galactic silver and starry black colours with a diamond finish that reflects off the individual’s attire and surrounding to mimic the colour thereof.