Liquid deploys 2,500km fibre network to DRC

Liquid partners Facebook for 2000 km fibre network build across DRC

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, has announced the expansion of its fibre network to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the deployment of a 2,500km long haul fibre network in the country.

The DRC terrestrial fibre network route is part of the first-ever complete east to west network on the African continent.

It runs from the coastal city of Muanda, which marks the border with Angola and is also the planned landing point of four subsea cables, 2Africa, ACE, Equiano and WACS.

According to Michel Hebert, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies in DRC, “The completion of this project is part of the strategic vision to connect the African continent to the rest of the world.”

“This fibre deployment not only has the potential to transform the economy of the country, but we are also bringing access to scalable state-of-the-art digital and cloud services that will enable them to connect to the global digital economy,” added Hebert.

Liquid said the expansion connects the DRC to its One Africa broadband network totalling more than 73,000km across the continent. The terrestrial fibre connects Muanda to cities as far as Cape Town and Dar es Salam, said Liquid.

“This is a first for the country, as no operator currently offers such a seamless link across the continent,” the company said.

Liquid said the DRC route offers low latency, high bandwidth fibre connectivity and high availability. It said the fibre has reduced latency across Africa from 250ms to 50ms.

Also commenting on the deployement, Beston Tshinsele, Liquid Intelligent’s executive chairman for DRC, said, “For the first time, people living in the DRC will no longer only rely on expensive mobile broadband.”

“‘In addition to cloud services, through our strategic partnerships, we will also provide our customers with a suite of cybersecurity tools and platforms to safeguard personal data, corporate information and businesses themselves,” he concluded.