Become an Avast & AVG Partner with Silver Software Distribution to receive industry-leading sponsored security for your business to the value of R5,000.00 per annum – forever

Become an Avast & AVG Partner with Silver Software Distribution to receive industry-leading sponsored security for your business to the value of R5,000.00 forever

Whether you are a local registered ITC Value-Add Reseller, MSP, ISP, OEM manufacturer or Retailer.

The Silver Software Distribution Partner Program gives you access to cutting edge technology, training, certification programs, and dedicated support – all aimed at enabling you to profitably supply the Avast and AVG security portfolio. Offering easy-to-manage solutions that will allow you to stay competitive, expand your offerings, and grow your business.

Become a Partner with Silver Software Distribution and after your first sale, receive a fully sponsored NFR (Not-For-Resale) license of the latest cloud-based corporate security for your in-house security and review. Your choice of Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus 10 users (1 year) or AVG Internet Security Business Edition 15 users (1 year) to the value of R5,000.00 per annum. At no cost, in perpetuity, as long as you remain an active partner.

Avast Software s.r.o. (LSE: AVST) – a FTSE 100 company – together with subsidiary AVG Technologies, is one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the world.  

According to a recent OPSWAT market share report, Avast had dominated global windows security market share at #1 position as the market’s leader for the past five years.

The combined contemporary Avast and AVG user base is recognized as the largest and most advanced threat detection network in the world. Covering an impressive 40% of the world’s PC users (outside of China).

According to Owler Competitive Intelligence, last year Avast reported a colossal global revenue of $875M, with Kaspersky coming in at $685M, ESET $579M and Bitdefender $140M.

The powerful new AVG/Avast shared AI driven hybrid security engine is officially a global leader. Rated #1 best SMB cybersecurity software by techradar and SE Labs. Winner of AV Comparatives award for lowest impact on PC performance. Ranked Top Product by independent in 2020. Winner of Product of the Year by independent AV-Comparatives. 100% Capterra certified protection against 0‑day threats. Consistently ranked in the highest 10th percentile by VB100 bulletin tests. Awarded OPSWAT Gold Certification. Winner of the 2020 Antivirus Software of the Year Award by CyberSecurity Breakthrough. In fact, outstandingly the cyber security company added 25 new accolades in the past two years to the hundreds already won since inception three decades ago. 

To put this in context, Avast and AVG prevented more than 18 billion malware attacks, 3.6 billion visits to malicious sites and 24 million ransomware infections worldwide, last year alone. In real terms, Avast saves a PC from a ransomware attack almost every second and prevents about a million malware attacks daily.

About Silver Software Distribution

Silver Software Distribution (SilverSD) is the official distributor of internationally acclaimed cyber security vendors AVG TechnologiesAvast Software s.r.o.Infrascale and Barracuda Networks in Africa.

Background and History

Initially founded in 1991, SilverSD have been the trusted legacy AVG Southern Africa Distributor for a remarkable 15+ years. Their offices are located in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as Tamarin, Mauritius. Distributing tailored Avast and AVG security solutions for home, SMB and Enterprise to a broad channel of IT partners across Africa. Including Value-Add Resellers, ISPs, MSPs, OEM manufacturers and online/physical box retailers. These established partnerships in 54 countries, garnered over 30 years, has developed an incredibly vast network of partners across the continent.

Trusted Partnerships

What sets Silver Software Distribution apart from other security software distributors? Their core values and historically unwavering commitment to the channel.

“We have always been focused on putting partners first, we have a rock solid history of partner enablement and a proven track record of always remaining loyal to the channel. Prioritizing channel partners as the key to our overall success in delivering best-in-class security solutions. Providing a simplified go-to-market strategy to remove channel conflicts and ensure Partners remain #1.”

– Timothy J. Ollewagen, Business Development Manager at SilverSD

Notably, local SilverSD Partners in their ranks include MWEB, Vodacom and MTN with high profile end-users including National Government, SEACOM Telecoms, South African National Defense Force (SANDF), Armaments Corporation of South Africa (ARMSCOR) and the SA Legion of Military Veterans.

Benefits of the Partner Program

SilverSD boast a highly trained dedicated team of expert partner sales and support staff, network security engineers and developers working closely with partners across Africa, predominantly South Africa, to promote and support internationally renowned next-generation technology brands. Having built a trusted reputation over the years of reliability, efficient service and quantifiable partner success.

According to Timothy J. Ollewagen, Business Development Manager at Silver Software Distribution for the past 6 years, the following key advantages of their Partner Program has contributed to their meteoric rise and success in the emerging market security software distribution space:

  • Access to our automated vendor API integrated online Partner Portal with an easy to use ordering system allowing for simple management of client’s subscriptions.
  • Instant ESD license delivery with an emphasis on service, orders processed within minutes, 24/7, 365 days a year. No prerequisite credit balances.
  • No minimum sales volume requirements or sign up costs.
  • The most competitive end-user pricing for top tier security with the best channel margins on the market.
  • Exclusive Partner quarterly promotions & rebates, lead referrals and deal registration to support the channel.
  • Aggressive discount program for Schools / Charities / NPO / Government.
  • Available white-label marketing material and co-branded sales assets.
  • World class full-time priority remote technical support for Partners or their clients directly.
  • Online renewal center with an integrated early renewal reminder system.

In fact, Silver Software Distribution in association with Avast and AVG are so confident in their security that all orders come with a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. As well as offering no-obligation 30 day trials of any product (with no payment details required), so essentially your clients have a 60 day grace period to ensure they are completely satisfied with the level of security.

“We take exceptionally good care of our Partners and believe in protecting them with the best by supplying fully sponsored Partner NFR licenses for their in-house security and review. At no cost, in perpetuity, as long as you remain an active partner with us.” – Affirms Timothy J. Ollewagen.

Why is Avast & AVG Security Superior?

Faster, smarter artificial intelligence

“To be truly next-gen, you need big data – really big data” – Ondřej Vlček (CEO, Avast)

(Source: Avast Software s.r.o Headquarters Prague)

The competitive advantage of the Avast / AVG family stems from being in the unique position to leverage off the world‘s largest cybersecurity network.

Gone are the days of solely relying on exhaustive virus definitions, with literally thousands of new malware variants being released daily, top flight security companies must resort to behavioural analytics and machine learning to assess the potential threats behaviour on a system level in order to determine mal-intent. It’s simple. This is powered by AI which requires big data, the more big data, the more powerful and accurate the AI becomes.

Avast and AVG differ from other next-gen companies in that they have an unparalleled cloud-based machine learning engine that receives a constant stream of data from hundreds of millions of devices worldwide, which facilitates learning at unprecedented speeds making their artificial intelligence engine smarter and faster than anyone else’s.

That endpoint presence is used not just as a means of protecting the endpoint, but also as a security sensor. This, combined with it’s cloud-based engine, effectively means a giant security network at a scale and depth with which few other companies can compete.

The Czech Republic based Avast CEO, Ondřej Vlček, put it eloquently when he said, “There is a simple litmus test for the veracity of a security company’s claims to offer next-generation security products. It is no secret that machine learning and AI require big data to work. To be truly next-gen, you need big data – really big data”.

Through their combined AVG-Avast user base, the conglomerate protects over 440+ million consumers and businesses in 167 countries. Avast has created a scalable cloud-based security infrastructure that sees everything that happens on the internet. The company has a view into everything online, good and bad, giving them the unique advantage of being first to inspect and analyze potential threats. When new malware is discovered, new security features can quickly be deployed to protect all users around the world. Strength in numbers.

The firm’s shared AI-driven security engine is able to process immense amounts of data at lightning speeds, distinguishing new code from familiar code and identifying the pieces that are most likely harmful or suspicious based on behavioural analytics and deep machine learning. This – along with the bygone combined expertise of Avast and AVG, earned through a proven track record of both in their own rights successfully identifying and stopping even the toughest zero-day malware in real-time, for the last three decades – results in a very powerful engine for threat detection and prevention.

Put simply, this provides unparalleled insight into cyberattacks which enables Avast to deliver the fastest and most sophisticated protection against cybercrime to date.

Complete security for your home and business customers

It is fair to say that today we are all connected citizens, with online interests, services, and experiences seamlessly woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

Fortunately, AVG and Avast offer a broad range of consumer products to protect Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Award-winning security, privacy (VPN), and performance for you and your family.

All-in-one cybersecurity for the modern workplace, built to offer maximum cloud protection for businesses

The world is going digital and disjointed security services are no longer safe. Layered, cloud-based security is the key to full protection.

In the past, businesses felt confident protecting devices and networks with just antivirus and perhaps a physical firewall appliance. Today, as everything moves online and to the cloud, security solutions must follow suit.

Traditional solutions will leave you vulnerable to sophisticated security breaches and cyberattacks. Legacy firewalls and data centers aren’t scalable, and are costly to maintain. This leaves companies at risk and unable to protect their mobile workers.

Yesterday’s network architecture is no longer sustainable in today’s environment. For total protection, you need all-in-one security – a combination of next-gen endpoint protection and cloud-based network security solutions that cover users anytime, anywhere.

Avast together with AVG, is the only provider of 100% cloud-based layered endpoint protection and network security, managed from one integrated cloud platform.  

The Avast Business Cloud and AVG Business Cloud consoles allow you to easily manage and deploy your security solutions from one platform. Quick and easy setup. Organize your devices into groups, create setting templates, schedule tasks, and remotely deploy antivirus – all from a single, intuitive dashboard, accessible from anywhere.

The central dashboard provides an overview with the latest service and device data, instant alerting and scheduled reporting. Such as the Executive Summary Report, which can be scheduled to be sent weekly showing blocked threats and remedial actions taken. Helping Partners passively demonstrate value.

The platform gives you continuous remote administration and visibility regardless of where the endpoints are connecting from i.e. varies branches at different geographical locations, traveling executives connecting to public wifi’s or staff working remotely from home. There is no question of the vital importance of this to businesses not only in the current pandemic but for our remote workers of the future.

Compatible on Windows and Mac OS workstations, SharePoint Servers and Exchange Servers. Supports Active Directory Deployment, along with email and link deployment options (can also remove conflicting security software). Saves bandwidth with centralized updating via local update mirror.

Known to be customer centric, the platform provides enhanced remote administrative functionality through scheduled tasks and configurable policies, resulting in easy management for IT Administrators. While Partners have the ability to link multiple business client consoles under their partner console for single sign-on.

With no installation or maintenance costs, free to use with any AVG Business or Avast Business product.

In summary, the Avast Business security portfolio brings enterprise-grade technology making it simple and affordable to secure, manage, and monitor complex networks. Built to offer maximum protection businesses can count on, solving businesses biggest modern security challenges. See more features

Optional add-ons include Patch Management and Free Remote Control functionality, with the option to upgrade to Premium Remote Control with unlimited concurrent connections!

Advanced cybersecurity supported by three decades of innovation

Avast has been around longer than most other cybersecurity companies, originally founded in 1988. Dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge products,

“We continuously invest in our products, with 50% of our employees being dedicated to R&D, to help you stay competitive and ensure best-in-class security solutions. Our next-gen security engine uses behavioral detection, cloud-based machine-learning, and signature-based detection to deliver the ultimate in protection.”

Avast’s innovative security approach comes from some of the most talented and experienced security engineers on the planet. Headquartered in Prague – a center of excellence for engineering and computer science – attracting the best and the brightest. Their scientists, engineers, and mathematicians are from some of the most highly respected institutions, including Stanford, MIT, Oxford, and NASA. Their growth is fueled by their passionate culture of wanting to win and “beat the bad guys.”

For further information, Contact Silver Software Distribution