BCX awarded CommVault Premier Partnership status

BCX awarded CommVault Premier Partnership status

Telkom owned BCX is has been awarded Premier Partnership status through the CommVault Advantage Partnership Programme, by Commvault, a data backup and recovery service provider. 

The Premier tier partnership with CommVault provides BCX customers with peace of mind by bringing together the best technology that meet customers’ needs.  

In today’s highly competitive landscape strong partner ecosystems are imperative to deliver bespoke, specialised and best-in-breed technology solutions to clients.

“Delivering customised technology requirements to clients requires a strong, trusted and reliable partner ecosystem,”said Frans Basson, Acting Chief of Cloud Platform Solutions at BCX. 

“We are proud to be awarded a Premier partnership with CommVault as we believe that our clients will benefit from the collaboration to build enhanced solutions with CommVault’s broader data-center eco-system partners,” he added. 

BCX has over 30 leading partners that provide cutting-edge hardware and software that can deliver the latest and advanced digital solutions. “BCX ensures that its ecosystem consists of trusted partners that are the best in their field and share our customer-first sentiment. Through our Premier Partner status, BCX aims to provide real value to our clients,” continued Basson.

As a premier partner, BCX is best positioned to help potential clients who are investing in a secure, scalable, and agile technology environment.  

A statement from Commvault said, “BCX is strategic partner to Commvault’s local partner strategy, as such we function as a cohesive team with common goals and strategies, which creates the launchpad for future success displaying the commitment of both organisations to this partnership.”

“As part of our customer-first approach and overall competitiveness in the market, BCX is always strengthening its offering and expertise and therefore, our customer support. This recognition is a move in that direction,” concludes Basson.