Vodacom Business, Crayon join forces to accelerate cloud adoption in Africa

Vodacom Business, Crayon join forces to accelerate cloud adoption in Africa

Vodacom Business Africa and Crayon Africa, have joined forces to deliver seamless and improved cloud solutions to businesses in Africa as they embark on their cloud adoption journey.

The partnership ensures that companies have the best products and solutions available, that are needed to future-proof their businesses as we continue to navigate new ways of working.

By integrating various Microsoft CSP suite of solutions, Vodacom Business Africa will be able to facilitate a smooth journey into the cloud for businesses.

Wale Odeyemi, Executive Head Strategic Marketing at Vodacom Business Africa said, “Our partnership with Crayon Africa, will help accelerate customers’ digital transformation journeys by offering the latest technology and innovative services, fuelling innovation and helping them address their critical business needs at speed and scale.”

A study from Vodafone Business noted that, ‘future ready’ businesses (FRBs) can be identified by six unifying characteristics, including adaptability, an openness to technology, and clear transformation goals.

It is no surprise that businesses around the globe have been migrating their operations online as digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) change the business landscape, the study says. The traditional notion of the sub-scale private cloud within a private data centre is now being replaced by the unlimited access to an array of elastic cloud resources, consumed on a pay per use on demand basis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has without doubt accelerated this migration significantly, with businesses optimising their online presence, moving to cloud hosting and employees working remotely.

A statement noted that cloud computing today offers new information technology potential through faster, more flexible and resilient capabilities. This partnership brings together two companies who have invested extensively in technologies that are capable of digitally transforming African businesses across the continent.

“The strategic partnership between Crayon Africa and Vodacom Business Africa forges the strengths and impact of both companies across the continent, creating unique value for small, medium and enterprise customers,” said Werner Wilders, General Manager at Crayon Africa.

Due to the growing IT complexity and the evolving digital transformation driven by Cloud Technology, African ISPs and Systems Integrators (SIs) are able to leverage and appropriate a deep set of competencies built over years to the benefit of their businesses, without having to make the investments themselves. This will enable them capitalise on a wave of new opportunities in their markets, while participating in the platform economy.

As the business landscape is changing, competitive barriers are disappearing, making the speed and agility to market critical components in the digital world. Vodacom Business Africa will be empowering its customers with self-serve digital tools that will allow them order and self-provision services directly from a secure web portal for their clients and users.

The company says the partnership brings competencies beyond just the Microsoft cloud and that in the near future, Vodacom Business Africa will be augmenting its capabilities with added marketplace functionality to allow businesses to attach their local products to create differentiated and unique bundled propositions for their clients.