Paratus strengthens LTE network infrastructure in Namibia

Ericsson to power TMCEL Mozambique's network modernization

Pan-African telecoms operator Paratus has selected Star solutions to strengthen its LTE broadband network infrastructure in Namibia by deploying Star’s Sonata EPC core network platform.

According to a statement, this will enable Paratus to leverage the benefits of improved scalability and increased capacity to further expand its network, offering its customers a truly seamless connectivity experience.

The EPC provides the core team with full visibility of the network functionality, which has outgrown the requirements of the initial EPC rolled out in 2016.

With a number of pilot sites having been rolled out, Paratus is looking towards having the EPC fully commissioned by mid-November 2020.

Andrew Hall, managing director of Paratus in Namibia said, “By selecting Star Solutions as our partner, we are well-positioned to address future growth and expansion as the network platform is reliable and backed up by an excellent support team.”

Star Solutions says that the Sonata EPC platform is used by commercial and private LTE network operators around the world to enable 4G connectivity for users and devices across multiple industries and applications.

The company said the platform will allow Paratus to continue to deliver a robust, high-speed internet solution while growing its service offering.

Paratus offers high-quality networks across six African countries – Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia – with additional international points-of-presence located in Johannesburg, Lisbon and London.

Its extended network provides satellite connectivity to over 4,000 terminals in 24 African countries in central and west Africa.