WhatsApp unveils new storage management tool

WhatsApp unveils new storage management tool

Facebook-owned WhatsApp, has redesigned its storage management tool to make it easier for users to be able to navigate and delete unwanted files that are taking too much space on their mobile phone.

According to Whatsapp, the new tool will be rolling out to users worldwide this week.

WhatsApp’s current “Storage Usage” tool simply sorts all available chats by the amount of space they take up, listing the number of messages, photos, GIFs, and videos in each chat, and letting the user delete each category with a few taps.

The new update will make it much easier to identify, review and bulk delete the content that is taking up the most space, rather than purging everything.

That is important if a user needs to clear out, say, a family group chat, and want to avoid deleting any important photos.

The new tool, by comparison, offers thumbnails of content to be deleted, and groups this data in categories including “Forwarded many times” and “Larger than 5 MB.”

This should make it easier for users to identify content that they don’t need or want any more, and that can simply be deleted.

The storage management tool can be accessed by heading to Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage.