Ethiopian Airlines taps into Artificial Intelligence to improve customer experience

Ethiopian Airlines taps into Artificial Intelligence to improve customer experience

Africa’s most successful airline, Ethiopian Airlines, has implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its systems in a bid to improve customer experience by overhauling its service delivery processes.

The airline deployed the Genesys Predictive Engagement platform, which enabled it to not only gain insights about website journeys, but also leveraged AI and analytics to uncover behaviours and interests of visitors.

Getinet Tadesse, CIO at Ethiopian Airlines said, “Genesys Predictive Engagement is enabling us to capture significantly more window shoppers on our website. Conversion rates rose by 14% in the first two weeks and by 49% at the six-week stage. And, we’ve only really scratched the surface of what the tool can do.”

Artificial intelligence has allowed the airline to offer passengers tailored deals through webchat and the ability to engage customers through their website with attractive travel packages that were created as a result of tracking real-time statistics and data.

Just like any airline looking to lower costs and improve margins, Ethiopian Airlines contact centre struggled with incompatible systems and information islands and that increased abandon rates, transfers and hand offs.

This led to the company lacking a full overview of the customer journey and real-time insight into conversations and preferences.

The airline’s first step in the transformation of its business systems was to replace an externally hosted contact center solution with a strong omnichannel platform that the company could manage internally and use to drive improvements and business growth.

Genesys Cloud contact centre allowed up to 500 agents to work more productively in a blended fashion, effortlessly switching between calls, email and chat conversations — all managed from a single omnichannel desktop.

Leveraging the Workforce Management platform further improved the customer experience. As a result, Ethiopian Airlines has seen service levels soar from 70% to 95%, with higher first-call resolution and sizeable reductions in abandoned calls (from 20% to 3%). Call-answer times have dropped from 20 to 8 seconds.

Ethiopian Airlines plans to integrate Genesys Predictive Engagement into its mobile app and to enable AI-powered virtual assistants to respond to basic customer requests and frequently asked questions.