DRC President to directly manage the country’s digital development

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Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Felix Tshisekedi has announced plans to directly manage the development of the country’s digital economy himself, via a new instrument referred to as ‘Presidential Digital Coordination’ (PDC).

The PDC will collaborate with other Government agencies to prepare and define the strategy of the President, focused on information management and development of the digital market and to identify priority areas.

According to Actualite.cd publication, the president informed the Council of Ministers that due to the importance of the country’s transformation into a digital economy he intends to establish the new system in a matter of days as this falls within the framework of the interest in the digital transformation of the country.

It remains to be seen how the activities of this new structure will fit in with those of the National Digital Council (Conseil National du Numerique, CNN), the creation of which was announced by Tshisekedi in September 2019.

The CNN is supposed to involve sectoral digital regulators, their supervisors, certain members of the government and the Prime Minister, under the authority of the President of the Republic. 

This Council is called upon to be a body for steering and guiding the implementation of the national digital strategy, the Head of State said.