Liquid Telecom selects Cyber Risk Aware to bolster security in businesses

cybersecurity education and awareness

Liquid Telecom Group has selected Cyber Risk Aware as its security awareness education and phishing simulation solution provider for their newly unveiled Cyber Security unit.

Liquid Telecom’s customers will benefit from Cyber Risk Aware’s solutions by having the means to avoid falling victims of cyber-crime, as cyber security awareness is heightened in Africa. 

Through their partnership with Liquid Telecom, Cyber Risk Aware is expanding its footprint within Africa, as the organisation continues to build Africa’s digital future.

A recently commissioned ‘State of Cyber Security in Kenya and South Africa in 2020’ research by Liquid Telecom revealed that password compromise (72%) and phishing / cyber engineering attacks (67%) pose the greatest threats to businesses.

Both these categories can be attributed as a direct result of human errors, making it vital for businesses in Africa to tackle the problem starting with the people within a business. Just one absent-minded click of a phishing email can expose a whole corporate network, often with costly or devastating consequences.

Stephen Burke, CEO and Founder of Cyber Risk Aware said: ”Liquid Telecom understands and appreciates that cyber security is not just about technology, but about helping and securing the people within a business.”

“When correctly trained and supported in the right way, people are a company’s greatest security asset and first line of defence – their Human Firewall. We are proud to be partnering with Liquid Telecom as they bring their new cyber security unit to the African market,” added Burke.

Cyber criminals understand where the vulnerabilities lie within a business. They know that employees have many entry points and, through phishing emails, SMiShing, Vishing, malicious websites and software for example, they can find their way into any corporate network.

With a remote workforce slowly re-entering the workplace, cyber criminals are aware it is a time of heightened opportunities as employee’s reconnect on to the network’s system.

Over 75% of work from home employees have not received help from employers on security awareness, guidance or training. Cyber Risk Aware’s training platform brings essential education, human cyber risk assessment and phishing simulation solutions to Liquid Telecom’s security services unit. 

According to David Behr, Group Chief Digital Officer, Liquid Telecom, “At Liquid Telecom, we believe that the first step to ensuring a secure digital environment is training employees so that they can safely navigate and grow in a digital first world. Our partnership with Cyber Risk Aware allows us to provide the ‘secure people’ element of the Liquid Telecom cyber security trifecta offering to customers”. 

Cyber Risk Aware is a launch partner for Liquid Telecom, helping employers empower employees.