4 ways the Huawei GT 2e watch helps keep your heart and lungs healthy

Huawei watch GT 2e smartwatch

Cardiovascular diseases have become commonplace around the world, which is a concern as reports show that 290 million people suffer from them yearly. You are twice as likely to develop heart disease if you have an inactive lifestyle, therefore exercise must be prioritized.  

Now more than ever exercise is a vital part of our lives. As the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’ of quarantining and social distancing, here are four ways to keep your heart and lungs healthy with your Huawei watch GT 2e smartwatch:  

1. Get active

Have you considered walking, jogging, or running to stay active? Or a home workout listening to your favourite fitness instructor? Regular exercise makes your muscles, heart and lungs stronger. As your physical fitness improves, your body becomes more efficient at getting oxygen into the bloodstream and transporting it to the working muscles.

The Huawei watch GT 2e smartwatch features the all-new self-developed TruSeen™ 3.5 heart rate monitoring technology that can accurately monitor the heart rates of people with different skin colours through innovative light path results. Combined with AI smart heart rate algorithms, heart rate monitoring is now faster and more accurate.  

2. Take a hike

Hiking outdoors has many benefits, including breath-taking views, fresh air, and the joy of being at one with nature. It also has several health benefits, providing a powerful cardio workout. Hiking improves your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It also strengthens your core and boosts your mood.  

While hiking, the Huawei watch GT 2e smartwatch can measure the concentration of oxygen in your blood, which is an important physiological indicator for how your respiratory system is functioning.

Generally, as altitude increases, your blood oxygen saturation will decrease. When your blood oxygen saturation is too low (less than 90 per cent), it is important that you take regular breaks so that you can prevent accidents or health problems. With the HUAWEI Watch GT2e blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring function, you can hike with more confidence.  

3. Ensure that you have quality sleep

The phrase ‘well- rested’ means different things to different people, depending on a number of factors, ranging from age to occupation. However, the common thread remains the importance of having quality sleep of 7-8 hours every night.  

Studies show that missing out on quality sleep has serious consequences on the body. Sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to respiratory problems. In order to keep your respiratory system healthy, use the Huawei watch GT 2e smartwatch to monitor your sleep.

This dynamic smartwatch provides eight sleep quality reports with item analysis, including sleep duration at night, rapid eye movement sleep, deep sleep duration, number of awakenings, breathing quality and suggestions about improving sleep quality.

 4. Do breathing exercises

Breathing properly is a powerful tool that can be used to reduce stress and anxiety in today’s world. Set aside some time daily to pay attention to your breathing, do some breathing exercises and improve your lung function.  

It is particularly important for people who live a busy life to practise proper breathing, which the Huawei watch GT2e can assist with. For busy people, their brain’s oxygen consumption is higher than most people’s, causing the supply to be inadequate for consumption. This may also lead to dizziness, fatigue, poor memory and slow response and even damage to the brain and heart muscle. It’s therefore recommended that busy people make use of the pulse oximetry on the Huawei watch GT 2e smartwatch every day to check the concentration of oxygen in their blood and monitor oxygen levels to ensure heart and brain health.

The Huawei watch GT 2e retail price is R3 499 and comes in Mint Green and Graphite Black. In South Africa, it is available at major electronics, outdoor and sports stores.


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