White Paper: SaaS under Attack: Protecting your dynamic workforce

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Today’s dynamic workforce is dispersed, agile, and unpredictable. From a security perspective, user behaviours are more disjointed than ever – cutting across a wide range of email, cloud, and SaaS services, and often operating well beyond the corporate network.

This fractured arrangement not only renders the traditional paradigm of the network perimeter obsolete, but also eludes the static and siloed nature of most security tools – from traditional on-prem defenses and email gateways, to cloud-specific controls developed for narrow use cases, such as access policy, governance, and workload compromise.

Perhaps the most critical locus of workforce activity today resides in SaaS applications, with users increasingly making use of cloud services from Salesforce and G Suite, to Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft 365. These platforms fuel efficiency and innovation at an unprecedented scale, and organizations of all shapes and sizes have adopted them to manage highly sensitive data and mission-critical operations.

To protect today’s dynamic workforce, security teams must be equipped to discern when and how a trusted account has been leveraged for nefarious purposes. Find out how AI can help your workforce stay secure in the cloud, SaaS, and beyond.

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