AWS Cloud elevates eHealth Africa to higher levels

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Healthcare technology provider eHealth Africa has successfully utilised Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) ability to provide scalable, dependable, and highly secure computing power.

AWS helps health care providers in Africa to innovate, build new products and services and launch new applications.

eHealth Africa’s commitment to establish new standards in health delivery and emergency response through the integration of information, technology and logistics has fast tracked its journey to the cloud.

The company builds robust health systems through the design and implementation of data-driven solutions and provides underserved communities with tools to lead healthier lives.

The health tech firm is leveraging on AWS’s cloud expertise, which is designed to support every stage of their business in order to increase their chances of continuing their mission. 

“As a small team and self-funded startup, we needed to move fast and could not afford to waste development resources on infrastructure maintenance. AWS has so far offered managed solutions of almost everything we need” said Kobus Smit, CEO and founder of eHealth Africa. 

Enterprises of larger scales typically have the budget for sophisticated technologies to streamline their business processes and expand their technological advantage. Cloud computing however enables the smallest of businesses to effortlessly access the reliable power of this innovative technology and rapidly grow.

Leveraging the right solutions and services enables companies such as eHealth Africa to experiment with technologies that may otherwise be out of reach and expand their operations into the communities they target.

AWS has provided unrivaled levels of security, data protection, and compliance which is paramount to an organization that processes and stores large volumes of client data – bringing stakeholders peace of mind that their data is secure across all our digital platforms. 

The arrival of the AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region has allowed eHealth Africa to deliver an enhanced service to its clients with reduced latency, ease of localised deployment, and simplifies their data protection requirements. This has produced an ideal synergy of information technology and logistics and is the reason why a major objective of eHealth Africa has always been to host on and benefit from the use of AWS products.

To balance the need to protect health care data with the desire to innovate quickly, e-Health Africa looks to embrace hybrid IT solutions that maintain control over existing network environments while using cloud technology to extend their services to underserved communities with tools to lead healthier lives.

AWS remains firmly on track to enhance eHealth Africa’s capabilities and ensure they keep pace with the digital transformation that is a necessity for the growth of businesses across the continent.


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