Samsung could ditch in-box phone charger

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According to reports, Samsung may ditch the inclusion of chargers in the boxes of some of its smartphones from as early as 2021.

It is said the company is taking them out because many people already have chargers and  that they want to try and keep costs of devices down. Smartphone prices have skyrocketed in the past decade thanks to higher hardware prices.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer seems to be adopting a similar strategy to that of Apple whom analysts said will likely deliver this year’s line-up of iPhones without chargers included.

By removing chargers from phone boxes, both Samsung and Apple may lower the costs of selling their devices and make their phone packaging smaller, but it could also have a significant impact on the environment in a major way.

Not including the chargers in some of the top selling smartphones could also help  in the reduction of unused and disposed chargers because users would already have others available in the house.

However, ditching the charger could further normalize the practice of charging excessive fees for essential accessories. It remains to be seen if smartphone prices will become cheaper.