Econet’s Cassava launches Blockchain supported Health platform

Econet Zimbabwe extends mobile data market share

Cassava Fintech International (CFI), a subsidiary of  Econet Group, has unveiled a secure blockchain technology-supported platform aimed at helping businesses to safely get their employees back to work and assist in the combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Sasai Health Status Report (SHSR)  will help individuals and communities to get back control of their lives and kick-start productivity, while still observing the recommended public health and safety protocols imposed by the Zimbabwe government.

The SHSR is an app which can be downloaded when an individual goes for a Covid-19 test. The results can be shared with third parties of the individual’s own selection.

“The Sasai  Health Status Report will, at the point of testing, capture a person’s Covid-19 health status which they can confidentially share, at the users’ discretion  with those who need to know — such as one’s family members and their employers in a manner that respects personal data privacy and using secure blockchain technology,” said Darlington Mandivenga, CFI Chief Executive.

The platform uses a Blockchain ledger that can track every single test kit and result so it will be impossible for a person to fake a test.

Commenting in a blog, Econet Group Chairman, Strive Masiyiwa said: “the underlying technology on our Health Status Report is blockchain, and it works just like a BitCoin! We are so excited that we have developed a unique solution that we have instructed our lawyers to file for a patent and we are going to market to help as many people as possible to avoid infections.”

Masiyiwa said they have begun a pan-African roll out of HSR . “ We have earmarked to start first in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Burundi and Rwanda. We hope to have it in all countries who need it by the end of July. You can use the App anywhere in the world, and we are already planning Version 2.0.”

Sasai Chief Operating Officer Tapera Mushoriwa, said “The Health Status Report feature is already available on Sasai  under the Sasai  ‘Explore’ menu. Users simply need to do a once-off registration to activate the service,” Mushoriwa said.

The SHRS is already available on the Google Play and Apple App stores.