10 Tech Companies Donate Over $1.4bn to Fight Coronavirus

Data gathered by Learnbonds.com indicates leading tech companies have donated at least $1.4 billion towards mitigating the corona virus. The donations are from ten companies with a majority based in the United States.

On the tech firms list, Google leads the way in donations amounting to $800 million to businesses and healthcare workers while Cisco has pledged $225 million towards the course. Social networking platform Facebook has donated $120 million while the Dell Foundation has pledged $100 million with Netflix availing $115 million in relief fund.

Other companies that have donated towards the course include Amazon ($32 million), Samsung ($29 million), Apple ($15 million), Microsoft ($1 Million) and Twitter ($1 million).

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the global economy hard stocks dropping to their all-time lows in history. However, the travel and tourism industry is the most impacted sector.

An overview of the top travel and tourism markets indicates that 2020’s revenue projections will significantly drop compared to 2020. For example, China will be the biggest loser. This year the country’s tourism and travel revenue will be $70.5 billion which is a drop of over 40% compared to 2019’s $117.8 billion. The sector has been the most impacted because, in a bid to contain the virus, a majority of governments grounded planes and closed borders to curb the spread of the virus.

The US revenues will drop by about $15.6 billion followed by Italy at $4.8 billion in revenue. On the other hand, Germany will lose $3.18 billion. Based on these projections the four countries will lose about $70.88 billion in revenue as a result of the pandemic. By Staff Writer