ikeja and eNetworks step up to the plate during COVID-19 usage surge

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Ikeja Wireless – an internet service provider (ISP) that delivers high quality, cost-effective internet access services to township communities around South Africa – has ensured that it can cater for the surge in usage during the lockdown period with the help of ISP and network specialist, eNetworks.

“With the outbreak of COVID-19, we knew that we were going to have to move fast to get the required additional capacity in place,” explains Conrad Minnaar, Head of Networks at ikeja Wireless. “As we entered the lockdown period, the company has had to react in real-time to bandwidth ceilings being hit.” This meant teams have been under immense pressure to roll out last-minute installations and infrastructure upgrades.

Since the start of the lockdown, ikeja has seen a 25 percent increase in its total national bandwidth utilisation. Firm in the belief that every South African deserves the right to easy access to the internet, ikeja has committed to a host of measures for the lockdown period, including offering its free users an additional 30 minutes of browsing time every day at no charge during this period, in certain instances scrapping arrears for home and business accounts, charging no late fees for the month of April, and whitelisting all major government corona websites on its hotspot service to be accessed free 24/7.

eNetworks was brought in specifically to help us address metered connections within the Gauteng segment. Minnaar says. “As a company that understood the urgency of the situation, eNetworks pulled out all the stops to help Ikeja with the necessary upgrades.

The relationship has grown organically and there is a mutual understanding that exists between the two organisations. The joint focus is on the underlying technology and the speed to market, ensuring that the services are delivered quickly and effectively to customers.” Says Chris Morgan, Senior Sales Executive at eNetworks.